Why I Love Oprah.

Think how you will about my girl, Oprah, but I’m really going to miss her. I’ve been catching up (I ❤ DVR) on some of this week’s episodes. Last night, I watched the reunion of the Sound of Music cast. Had it not been after 11pm, I would’ve thrown in the DVD then and there and gotten lost in the hills of Austria. That movie is just that good. And gosh, who doesn’t melt a little bit for Georg von Trapp?! Any movie you have watched countless times, from ages 5 to 28, and still get excited about and completely enraptured by has really hit the mark. When I was younger, I used to watch until the Nazis came and then turn it off– sometimes I still do. (Those Nazis are really still a buzzkill). But I watched the cast last night with a giddy, goofy smile on my face, singing along where appropriate (“I have confidence in suuuunshine….”). The only von Trapp (aside from Julie Andrews) who still resembled his or her former self was Kurt (“God Bless, Kurt!”), but it was an interesting visual commentary on the aging process, for better or worse. The kids (err, grown adults) are creating a book of their photos, mementos, etc. from their time filming. I don’t buy many coffeetable books, but you can bet I’ll open my wallet for that one. And don’t even get me started on the Von Trapp Children Singers singing “Edelweiss.” It was late, I’d had a few glasses of wine, judge me if you want to…but  they made me cry.

Phewf. Bringing it down from the S.o.M. high… Moving backward through the week with Oprah, I just watched the episode with Jane Fonda (who, by the way, probably shares a plastic surgeon with Julie Andrews). I don’t know much about Jane, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. More than a few ‘ah-ha’ moments packed in there, but I’ll leave you with just this one:

“The challenge isn’t to be perfect; it is to be whole.”

Thank you, Jane. THAT, my friends, is why this girl loves Oprah.


One thought on “Why I Love Oprah.

  1. Oh my goodness! I have all of them DVR’d too and was giddy when I scanned through and saw all the good ones from last week. Perhaps tonight is the perfect rainy night to start watching them.

    Keep up the posts!


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