Rainn-y Day.

I am not a tweeter. But I now personally know some who do–so I follow @etgallagher daily on my GoogleReader. Today, she enlightened her followers with a piece on the Huffington Post that Rainn Wilson (aka. Dwight Schrute of The Office aka best character on television) wrote. As I told ETG in thanking her for that post, I’ve always liked him, but now I love him. And will likely start following him, too. Check out the article. Then  SoulPancake. Then  how I would answer the six questions he presented:

What’s one tiny change you want to make today? Drink more water.
Soulmate in Seven: Describe your soulmate in seven words. His imperfections mix with my imperfections, perfectly.
Scribe to Skin: What quote, lyric, poem, or piece of prose do you love enough to want permanently imprinted on your body? Hmm. It changes too often for me to commit to any one, permanently. Sorry, Rainn.
What personal dream have you totally given up on? Getting married at 27, and having  babies evenly spaced at 30, 32, and 34. That one kinda fell apart when I turned 28.
What’s your two-word poem? Let. Go.
Why is talking about God so dang awkward? Because proving his existence/non-existence is impossible. And the vast majority of the population is not educated enough about religion–in all of its forms–to properly argue either case. Conversations thus spiral into a black hole of awkwardness.

The 5 Questions I Hate Not Knowing the Answers To:
1. Who murdered Robert Wone?
2. Can you ever fully know yourself or someone else?
3. Will we figure out a way to produce enough energy to keep our current pace of living and not destroy our planet in the process?
4. Will I find a way to really live in the present?
5. What did come first–the chicken, or the egg?

That exercise is harder than it looks. I’ll probably think of really good ones right after I post this (see, #4 needs a ton of work). Anyway, thanks, Rainn (and @etgallagher). Keep up the good tweets!


3 thoughts on “Rainn-y Day.

  1. I burst out laughing at the “Who killed Robert Wone?” question. Chris still talks about that story!! You had us all captivated when you told the gruesome tale at Beth and Brian’s!

    • Haha, I know…all of life’s burning questions and literally that one was the only one I could think of for a good 15 minutes. I was tempted to put it as Question 1-5. Thanks for reading & offering your comments, dude!

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