As Is.

Today I survived work–and the tedious data entry/paperwork du jour–only because of the following three things, which if you don’t know about yet, you really should:

1. Fresh Air with Terry Gross podcast. All episodes offer something great, but highlights included  interviews with Jon Stewart and Willie Nelson.

2. This American Life podcast. Whenever I take a hiatus from TAL and then come back, I smack myself for having ever left. Ira Glass and his team can make an hour go by in a heartbeat. Today I searched the archive for Mike Birbiglia stories. Mike Birbiglia is a comedian–and he absolutely cracks me up. It’s a good thing I have my own office or my random bursts of laughter might frighten fellow colleagues. I recommend these two. You won’t be disappointed: Error at First Base and Tragedy Minus Comedy Equals Time

3. But specifically the Patty Griffin station (thanks for that heads up Keggers!). Pretty much a station made for me. And today it was throwing me love affair after love affair. And even brought me back to an old favorite Ani DiFranco song, “As Is.” This song includes one of my all-time favoritelyrics. Like a lot of Ani’s songs, they are words to live by:

“When I look around I think this, this is good enough. And I laugh at whatever life brings. ‘Cause when I look down I just miss all the good stuff, and when I look up I just trip over things.”

The song made me think about a conversation I had with a friend the other night about how our generation is caught in a trap of having so much, yet always wanting more. And I know that pattern of thinking is–in the big scheme of things–where a lot of my anxieties stem from. Lots of “this is fine–but what if it could be better/more interesting/more challenging/more fun, etc.” It’s a disease.  And it’ll kill any chance I have for contentment, if I let it.  As Ms. DiFranco predicts, I miss a whole lot of great stuff or fall flat on my face when I live life looking everywhere but right in front of me.


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