Sunday Math.

The best Sundays for me resemble this simple equation:

 relaxation + productivity=domesticity  

For whatever reason, the domestic side of me goes into high gear on the 7th day. While for some, the  litany of chores and “have-to-dos” are a drag, I have found that, for the most part, domestic chores relax me while simultaneously offering a great feeling of productivity and accomplishment.  This past Sunday was no exception. From start to finish, it was a nearly perfect. Here’s a quick run-down:

-I woke up at 8:30 and, because my roommate’s friend crashed on the couch, was trapped in my room. Solved that easily by reading in bed for an hour and a half. For those interested, The Girl Who Played with Fire is even better than Dragon Tattoo

-Next came a delcious egg breakfast and a trip to the grocery store.

-Returning home, I forced myself out for a chilly but delightful 40 minute run.  My UnderArmour running tights are one of my favorite pieces of clothing–mostly because I find them simply miraculous in their ability to keep me warm. 

-After a quick shower and snack I headed out for my second shopping excursion of the weekend. Pier 1. Target. Michaels. I did some damage in each, but crossed a few more Christmas gifts off the list. Plus, I struck crafty gold at Michaels. I had been planning for weeks to make a wreath this season, which was part of the reason for the trip to craft heaven in the first place. After a bit of wandering, I found the glittery motherload. Wreath “picks” 50-60% off. For realsies!? Don’t mind if I do. So I did.  The glitter may never come off of my Uggs, but I had to wipe the drool of my creative juices on my way home. Once arrived, I whipped up a quick enchilada lasagna to feed me (and an army) for the next week and settled down to work. Here’s what happened:  

I started with this:

And, well, this:

And ended up with this:

To be honest this picture doesn’t even do her justice; she is way prettier in person. I forgot how much I utterly adore crafting. I was so pleased with my finished product that  I started thinking about it at work the following day and, realizing I hadn’t noticed it on my way out the door in the morning, I immediately called my roommate  to make sure it hadn’t been stolen in the night. It hadn’t been. But I would understand if a neighbor simply couldn’t help himself. The best part about this wreath? All told, it probably cost about $8, which is undoubtedly the best deal my wallet and spirit have seen in a while.

Oh, and just  a little heads up, I now own a glue gun. Consider me armed and dangerous.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Math.

  1. Lucky to have such a crafty roomie! No one has stolen our wreath this morning so no need to call to check in this morning. xx

  2. Beautiful wreath, dude! And what a productive, fulfilling Sunday! I just finished reading Dragon Tattoo, so I will have to check out the next one. And enchilada lasagna sound fantastic! I need the recipe. By the way, Audrey has been asking for “Dude” so we’ll have to Skype soon!

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