For Foggers.

Today I was utterly and completely flattered by a self-proclaimed “loyal reader” who e-mailed me fiending for a post. I haven’t had anything that I’ve felt compelled to write about lately. Or at least the thoughts swimming in my head are not ones I want to put on electronic paper. I honestly believe the increased intake of fat and sugar—and equal decrease of any sort of cardiovascular activity—has left my brain a bit too mushy to really say anything of much value or entertainment. However, I don’t like to deny flattering requests, so here are a few random tidbits to hold you over, Foggers:

*Tonight is a full lunar eclipse. I am still debating whether it is worth setting my alarm at 2:45am for. I am more intrigued by the fact that this is a full lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice. Full moon. Lunar eclipse. Winter Solstice. If that doesn’t add up to some totally bizarre-o stuff happening I’ll be really disappointed. Last time this happened was in 1638. Next time it will be 2094. I should probably get up to watch it, but I think the really bizarre stuff happens when I don’t get enough sleep.

*Last week, on my day off, I went grocery shopping at Wegmans. I forgot how amazing that store is—I know it seems hard to believe that a grocery store could generate such love, but go once and you’ll be hooked. Not for a grocery shopping novice, though. You have to be mentally prepared or that place will suck your wallet dry. I succumbed a bit to the pressure myself. It had just been so long! Plus, even in the VA store they carried Chef’s sauce. I made Chef’s sauce over rigatoni with homemade meatballs for dinner that very night. It was like eating Buffalo. The city, not the animal. Which, by the way, I learned by losing a $18.50 bet is not synonymous with Bison. Dangit.

*This morning I signed up for a half-marathon. Why, hello, Monday. It has been on my bucket list, and a college friend signed up as well. So, I figured—what the heck. I feel totally out of shape and need some motivation to get me back in the game. It’s the National Half-Marathon, it’s on March 26, 2011 (March?! Crapppp), in D.C., and I’m inviting any and all to join me. I give myself until January 1 to gorge then it’s Game. On.

*I went to a lovely holiday party on Saturday night. I wanted to bring caramel-bourbon truffles that I saw in Cooking Light. But I couldn’t find the golden table syrup I needed (couldn’t even tell you what that is). So I ended up making apricot chocolate chip cookies, but I bought the cheap apricots, and it showed. They were ok, but just ok. That night when I got home and wrote the 2 or 3 lines in my 5-year journal, it said: “Went to a holiday party tonight. Need to learn that its ok if my cookies aren’t the best in the room.” I’ve got issues.


4 thoughts on “For Foggers.

  1. Ha. #1, it was a Christmas party. You know we aren’t PC.

    #2. Your apricot cookies were GREAT! We even had comments about them. Don’t fret. Plus, you know that everything pales in comparison to Puppy Chow.

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