Drops of Jupiter.

Remember that Train song? Yeah, I had sort of forgotten about it too, until I was tucked into a cab with four friends singing it so expertly that the cabbie kept turning up the radio volume to drown us out urge us along. That four minutes were probably the best I’ve had yet in 2011.  Not that things have been bad in the New Year; but, I am just recently well after a cold that came breezing in around January 3rd. It followed on the heels of my worst hangover in recent years. Coincidence? Probably not… In addition, I’ve been working through some mind matter–making unfun decisions based off of uncertainties. No one’s favorite thing to do, least of all mine. Add to that the below freezing weather and grey skies and I’m afraid to say that 2011 has begun with a general malaise. Rocking out to “Drops of Jupiter” helped remind me that great moments lie around every corner. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other–and hang around great people.


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