My Strange Addiction.

It’s been a somewhat rough start to 2011, as I’ve noted in previous posts. I’m thinking maybe it was just January. Fresh start for February? Yes! Amid all of my recent worries about “should I keep dating this person,” “how did I end up in such a lame job when I thought it was a good move,” and “will this cold, grey winter ever come to and end?” I have felt, at times, while sorting through these thoughts and recognizing parts of my modus operendi that I want  to work on, a bit off my rocker . 

But sometimes all you need is a little perspective. Enter My Strange Addiction. I have yet to even watch a full episode, but the previews alone set me squarely in my place. I don’t want to make light of people with serious illnesses likely stemming from some sort of  trauma, but then again, these people have voluntarily put themselves on national television for reasons beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that, sometimes,  it helps to know that while struggling with life’s inevitable muck is never easy, at least I don’t compulsively eat household cleaner. Or toilet paper. Or couch cushions. Perspective, I tell ya. It’s a powerful thing.


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