Yesterday was a momentous day–the day the whole world (ok, or maybe just my little world) celebrates the day of my birth! Yay! I am a big believer in birthdays and fully celebrating them. We should all be happy and want to raise a glass to making it through another year. I never have understood those people who don’t like to celebrate his or her birthday. A day dedicated to just me? Why the heck not!? Cookies, brownies, cupcakes? Birthday calories don’t count. Go ahead and eat ’em (and I did). Plus, you hear from all of your loved ones and now with Facebook also some less than close friends. Calls, emails, texts–I get reminded how many wonderful friends and family members I have in my life. Just another reason to celebrate.

This year, however, I did want to have a lowkey day. I had no interest in a rowdy night out at a bar or a rockin’ party. I just wanted to eat (duh) great food with great friends. And I did. (If you live in DC, go to Rasika and order the fried spinach. You can–and will–thank me later).

I felt the love yesterday. And for that a heartfelt thanks. The biggest of course belonging to my mom, without whom this little bundle of joy would not have made it out into the light.


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