A few random musings…

1. Remember this post? (Scroll to the bottom to “Fear Itself”) Well, it’s been four months or so, but I’m proud to report that I can (sort of) do headstand. Woop! I’ve been using the wall, so I’m not yet 100% there, but I’m getting closer and gaining confidence.

2. My half-marathon training (see here) is going along better than anticipated. Aside from the week I was sick, I have been following my training schedule to a T. I feel fantastic and have been working my work-outs successfully into my life. Last night I hit up both Happy Hour AND the treadmill. And Monday I had a 4.5 mile treadmill run so in the zone…I don’t think I’ve ever felt better running. I’m attributing it to the amazing Mumford & Sons album I was listening to.

3. Because said training is going so well, I’ve dropped weight wtihout really trying. Though, I guess working out 6 days a week constitutes trying… This has actually been an annoyance because my pants and skirts no longer fit, and I had to go out today and drop more money than I wanted on pants I basically already own. BUT. On the flip side, I followed that up with a visit to Hello, Cupcake and bought not one, but TWO for my dining pleasure. Take that, waistline.

4. I will be volunteering throughout the next few months as a Posse Foundation writing coach. I will meet my “scholar” on Wednesday, and I’m really excited. Posse is a fantastic organization, and I’m really happy to be able to use my skill set to help a deserving student be ready for college. More on this to come, I’m sure.

5. Just found out that my beloved Foggers will be cruising through the DC metro-area at the end of March on account of her new fancy-shmancy position. My friend duck just quacked.

6. You know how people say that if someone tells you you aren’t something or can’t do something enough then you begin to believe it? I feel like no one ever talks about when the opposite is true. When you’re told over and over again that you have a trait that perhaps you don’t fully possess. I am coming across cryptic, and I realize that. Just interesting food for thought. Because we all can’t be everything and do everything. We each have strengths and weaknesses and that’s the beauty of it. Just because a certain trait is desirable doesn’t mean that if you don’t have it it’s a terrible thing. Thought about this a lot yesterday…getting outside perspective on one’s personality is sometimes an extraordinarily valuable thing.

Song du jour: “Sigh No More,” Mumford & Sons


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