Suitable Substitutes.

I have been a blogging slacker. Part no inspiration, part work & life busy-ness. So, for any loyal readers still out there, I offer up some of my personal favorite blogs to tide you over while I get my blog train back on track. Full disclaimer, I am not breaking any ground here–these blogs are well-tred ground. But, they are for a reason so if you don’t already know of them, enjoy!

My GoogleReader list is rather extensive and a lot to keep up with, so here are just a few of my favorite “professional” bloggers:

Joy the Baker: Her writing style is fun, witty, and playful and the recipes she posts look fantastic. I’ve only made a few (grapefruit scones), but am going to try the brussel sprout salad this weekend and oh dear me oh my I die for the day I have time to make this: Holy Grail of Goodness Thanks to Katie B. for leading me to Joy!

Dooce: I am neither mother nor wife, but Heather’s account of her life as both just crack me up. I appreciate her honesty above all. I think this has been my favorite post so far: Toothfairy

Young House Love: These guys just make me want to love ’em and hate ’em all at the same time. They are both so dang cute with the cute baby, cute dog, and cute house. Cute cute cute. Sometimes it makes me want to barf. But for the most part, I like them and some (not all) of their decorating and DIY ideas.

The Pioneer Woman: She’s all over the place these days, but Ree makes being a housewife/mother scooping cattle dung in the middle of not-a-mall-within-hours Oklahoma sound like the best possible life. Oh, and plus her dog SLAYS me.

Now, please don’t blame me when your productivity plummets.


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