Meme Return.

The wonderfully bloggerific Katie sent me the Meme challenge on May 29, 2011. It sat at the bottom of my inbox waiting patiently for me to gear up and start blogging again. And so, I begin anew.

Katie explains Meme here in her blog. I still don’t really get it. But, listing out six quirky things about myself I get. Six, my friends
and family could confirm, is just the tip of the iceberg.

1. I have an aversion to chewed gum. Specifically, chewed gum that has been placed by its chewer into a torn piece of paper/napkin/paper towel/gum wrapper and placed ANYwhere but the garbage (i.e.-pocket, purse, and—ugh the tabletop or plate). Witnessing this act absolutely makes my skin crawl. This aversion really extends to any chewed or crumpled or peeled paper product being placed in my general line of sight. I am the first to admit this is weird. And I have no idea when it started or why. But I do know that the biggest mistake I ever made was telling people about it. They use the knowledge to torture me and enjoy the process. They cannot even fathom how much it kills me. Please, everyone who loves me, I beg of you to stop.

2. I love to fold laundry. Doing laundry in general gives me great satisfaction, but the folding, oh the folding! The warm straight-from- the-dryer feel and smell. The methodical way of folding each item to then reach the pinnacle of the process—the sort.  I love to sort. Always have, always will. There are few things in this world that make me happier.

3. I sort my M&Ms by color before I eat them (see #2).

4. When I stand in front of a sink barefoot I always, without fail, stand on the outer edges of my feet. I don’t know why I started, and I don’t know why I can’t stop. But there it is. Watch me next time; it’s creepy.

5. Sometimes, when I’m reading, I read aloud. To myself.

6. I still use my fingers to count. Almost all of the time.


5 thoughts on “Meme Return.

  1. You’re back! I use my fingers to count too – made for some embarrassing business school moments. I look forward to our next bathroom experience together to watch this “outer foot” phenomenon. xx, roomie

  2. You used to sort your Fisher Price people into categories when you were a toddler… so I am not surprised it carried over to M&M’s. Actually, I won’t eat the brown ones!

  3. This would make for a most perfect profile. I’m tempted to sign up under the name of Schmallison and just see what I get.

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